• Can I return my rental early?

Yes, you may return your vehicle before your scheduled return time at no additional cost.

• What if I’m late returning my rental vehicle?

Here at La Auto Spot, we allow a 30-minute grace period. After 1 hour of being late you will be charged a late fee every hour depending on the class/ type of vehicle that is selected. After 4 hours of being late you will be charged a full day.

• Are the cars cleaned between each Booking?

Rental vehicles are cleaned in between each rental period and sanitized in high touch point areas.

• Do I need to bring my driver’s license when picking up the rental?

Customers must present a physical, valid, and unexpired government-issued driver’s license and must be valid throughout the entire rental period.

• Do I need to leave a deposit?

A deposit is required and will vary depending on the class / type of vehicle that is selected. Please inquire with one of our agents or start your reservation process online to get accurate deposit pricing.

• Can I add an additional driver?

Yes, you can add an additional driver onto your reservation. There is a fee of $15 for each additional driver (excluding spouses). Additional drivers must be present with a Valid Government issued drivers license at the time of pickup.

• Can I extend my rental period?

In most cases you may extend your rental period depending on the availability. Please check our website or speak to an agent for availability. Extensions are subject to additional charges based on the length of your trip.

• What if my flight was delayed?

If your flight is delayed please modify your trip time by changing it on your booking through the website or by contacting one of our agents to further assist you. We recommend adding your flight details in your booking.

• Do I have to refuel my rental vehicle before returning?

It is recommended to refuel the vehicle before returning as all our vehicles are equipped with a full tank of gas. Any vehicle brought back below the given limit is subject to additional charges per gallon.

• Can we bring our pet along with us?

Although pets are allowed in the vehicles, Customers need to keep the rental vehicle in clean condition and free of pet hair to avoid any cleaning fees.

• What is the minimum age requirement to rent a vehicle?

In order to rent a car at La Auto Spot, you must be at least 21 years old.

• How many miles are included in my booking?

  • Standard, compact, and economy vehicles come with 200 miles per day, Sport vehicles and luxury vehicles are allowed 150 miles per day, high performance and specialty vehicles are allowed 100 miles per day. Please begin rental process online or contact us to find out how many allowed miles are given with your desired vehicle.
  • Example: You rent a luxury vehicle for 3 days. Your total allowed mileage for your trip is 150 miles a day (on a luxury vehicle) for 3 days equaling 450 total miles for your trip. There is an incremental cost of $0.30 – $2.50 for every additional mile over the allowed limit depending on class/ type of vehicle that is booked.

• May I rent a child seat for my trip?

We have several child seats available for your rental needs. You may choose an infant seat, Child seat, or Booster seat for your trip at an additional cost. LA Auto Spot employees can not install or help install the child seats for the customers. All accessories are cleaned and sanitized between trips.

• Do I need my own personal insurance to book a vehicle?

No, you do not need your own personal insurance to book a vehicle. At La Auto Spot we offer several protections plans to better suit your trip.

• May I use my personal insurance for my rental vehicle?

Yes, although we do allow you to use your personal insurance, we do have to confirm that it is valid and will cover the class/ type of vehicle that is desired. It is best to contact your insurance provider to confirm that they will cover you for your desired vehicle and trip length.

• What extras may I add onto my booking?

We offer a variety of extras for your trip. We offer portable GPS units and child seats ranging from infant to booster. We also offer different services like after trip cleaning or camper shell removals (IE: Jeep wrangler removable roofs) as well.

• Can I smoke in my vehicle?

All of our vehicles have a no smoking policy.  If the vehicle is smoked in we charge a $400 and ban you from renting from our company permanently.