All of our vehicles are non-smoking, and vaping-free.

  • No Smoking allowed
  • No Vaping allowed
  • No usage of Marijuana products allowed

What is LA Auto Spot's Policy on smoking in vehicles?

LA Auto Spot is committed to the health and well-being of its renters. Our cars are rented by families with children and by guests with allergies. In this sense, smoking of tobacco, marijuana, or any other product or substance is not allowed in any of our vehicles. Electronic cigarettes and vaping are also prohibited in our vehicles.

Marijuana is legal in California, Hawaii, and Arizona. Can I smoke it in your cars?

While Marijuana is legal in several states, smoking or using marijuana products in our vehicles is strictly prohibited and you agree to this provision by signing the Rental Agreement. If you or anyone smokes in our vehicle, you will be subject to a $400.00 scent and residue removal fee.

What is the penalty for smoking in LA Auto Spot's vehicles?

The cost of cleaning and fleeting out a vehicle for odor removal is high. We need to take a car that has been smoked or vaped in out of service for over 24-hour periods of time. Cleaning and scent removal might require natural deodorizers and oxidation / ozoning process. LA Auto Spot will charge a $400 fee for odor and residue removal / cleaning.

How do you determine if I smoked in the car?

LA Auto Spot can use any of these or a combination of them to determine if you smoked / vaped in our vehicle, or if our vehicle was exposed to smoke:

  • An LA Auto Spot team member witnessed you or someone in your party smoking in the vehicle
  • Smoke (tobacco, marijuana) scent lingering in the vehicle.
  • You tried to conceal or hide smoke odor with fresheners or chemicals.
  • Ashes / tobacco / marijuana residue found in vehicle.
  • On equipped vehicles, the smoke detector was triggered.

When will a smoking fee be determined?

The return agent might make the determination on the spot. If that is the case, a manager would confirm the determination. If the vehicle return was unattended or you didn’t have time to stay to have the vehicle inspected, the service attendant would issue a determination.

While some people choose to return a smoked car with the windows open, a determination could be made afterward once the service inspection takes place.

I smoked but I had the car detailed. Will I still be charged?

Yes, even if you tried to clean the car or conceal the smoking smell, if it is determined that smoking happened during your trip, you will be charged. The car would still need to go through LA Auto Spot’s cleaning and deodorizing process.

When will I know if I have been charged the fee for smoking?

In most cases, you will be informed upon return of your vehicle.

If smoking is determined after you leave, you will see the smoking fee charge on your final invoice.

The charge will be made to your card on file. If the charge doesn’t go through, a $25 non-sufficient funds fee will be added to your account as well.