Pets are welcome in our cars!
Please clean up after them!

We love our fur babies, but we need your help. In consideration of our guests with allergies, vehicles returned with excessive pet hair, soiling, or damage caused by animals will result in an extra cleaning charge of up to $400 or the cost to repair the damage, as applicable.

We ask that you return your rental car in clean condition and free of pet hair and smells to avoid extra charges.

A few friendly tips:

  1. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL YOUR PET’S ESSENTIALS – If your pet is prone to shed or excessively drooling, don’t forget to bring mess-prevention helpers and cleaning supplies that align with your pet’s specific ways of being untidy.
  2. DON’T LEAVE YOUR PET UNATTENDED – Even in a service animal-friendly rental car, it’s wise to avoid leaving your pet unattended. This can prevent any unwanted nibbling. Consider leaving the pet at your sleeping accommodations if you’re heading somewhere pets aren’t welcome.
  3. LINT ROLLERS DON’T HURT – Once per day, do a full sweep of the car with a lint roller or dryer sheet. This can reduce the amount of pet hair, and it really only takes a few minutes.
  4. LAST MINUTE CHECK BEFORE YOUR RETURN  – On the last day of your rental, swing by a car vacuum center to perform a final, thorough interior cleaning. Vacuum all areas of the car your pet rode in, especially in the seat cracks and under the floor mats. Your Return Agent is sure to be impressed with the cleanliness of your car.
Service Animals Welcome