Aloha! And Mahalo for renting with us!

At LA Auto Spot Honolulu we work hard to bring you a safe and clean car. We are fully commited to the health and safety of our customers, fellow employees, and our community. Aside from washing and vacuuming your car, we disinfect them in between rentals according to CDC guidelines. 

This is our Clean and Safe pledge:

We will clean and disinfect: 1. Keys and fobs | 2. Steering wheel | 3. Mirrors and visors | 4. Door panels | 5. Center console | 6. Radio and AC controls | 7. Gear and brake controls | 8. Compartments, cupholders, and glove compartment | 9. Seat belts and buckles | 10. Exterior handles

While we do disinfect your car, please note that Honolulu sand is hard to remove, so you might still see some of it in your car.

If we provided you with a clean and safe car for your Honolulu trip, please consider leaving a tip for our cleaning team. It will be greatly appreciated.

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